Interactive Web Events

Interaction is Connection. Get more connected with our Virtual Interactive Web Events!

Times have changed. Your platform is your new venue. We can make these changes work for you. In today’s world of volatility, instant communications and rising costs of in-person meetings, maintaining the status-quo in traditional event management is sometimes not smart.

We’ll help you succeed

At MC Virtual Events, our Interactive Web Events are primed to help you plan and execute virtual events that are exemplary from visibility, compliance and cost savings to cutting out all the fuss associated with in-person events. You are able to customize and manage content from anywhere.  Interactive web events are easier than you think.

We function based on a straightforward mandate: “go the extra-mile always, to help transform in-person events and ideas into a virtual event optimized for results.” Invariably this means providing latest virtual event technologies, experienced event management consultants, building a personalized winning strategy, high-quality services, fair rates and so on – every time, for every client.

An Agenda Built for Interactive Web Events

  • Live Streams- Attendees can join at the perfect time from an agenda that reflects their time zone
  • Recordings– Pre-record sessions or make them available after a live stream on demand
  • Session Reminders– Attendees can set reminders or organizers can send push notifications when a session is about to begin
  • Showcase Speakers, Presenters, & MoreAllow attendees to connect, meet, and engage with your speakers. These touchpoints can occur before, during, or after the event. You can also share their presentations and recordings directly in their profile