About Us

Guarantee a successful Virtual event, without breaking a sweat!

Times have changed. But you can make these changes work for you. In today’s world of volatility, instant communications and rising costs of in-person meetings, maintaining the status-quo in traditional event management is sometimes not smart.

The new win?

Virtual Events. At MC Virtual Events, our virtual event management is primed to help you plan and execute virtual events that are exemplary from visibility, compliance and cost savings to cutting out all the fuss associated with in-person events.

This helps the event planner, participants and organizer gain credibility, better brand positioning, and covet-worthy outcomes. These are all possible due to an all-round best-in-class industry practices, enhanced attendee experience, and water-tight expenditure tracking.

Identifying and piecing together key factors unique to your needs is crucial to the success of your virtual event, and this is what we will take care of on your behalf.

We function based on a straightforward mandate: “go the extra-mile always, to help transform in-person events and ideas into a virtual event optimized for results.” Invariably this means providing latest virtual event technologies, experienced event management consultants, building a personalized winning strategy, high-quality services, fair rates and so on – every time, for every client. 

MC Virtual Events is best for:

  • Businesses and Entrepreneurs
  • Educators, coaches, and mentors
  • Online product Launches
  • Industry Influencers
  • Any kind of events – meetings, conferences, and social
Virtual Events